5 Simple Ways To Last Longer in Bed

Get warm and stuck up in the bedroom is one of the best scenes ever with your partner. There are fun things about staying up all night long and have that some “quality time” as you roam your partner’s body, playing with it, or have an extreme experimentation for an hour. Moreover, the best time to have a body language with your partner is that when you will be ready to spice things up between the sheets or what are you going to do just to speed up and make some love over the night in bed without feeling fatigue or tired.

Most men have their own techniques and strategy on how they will stay longer in bed with their partner. It’s somehow stressful yet fulfilling on their part because they can think of ways on how they will have this blast off thing during their session. Most of us agreed that there are people who don’t like sexual shortcomings. You don’t need to worry about this matter because there are numerous ways on how you can boost your sexual endurance and last longer in bed.

Sex routine metamorphosis

You don’t need to focus on a single way just to give outburst orgasm. There are a lot of techniques on how you can do it. You explore and think outside the box on how you can add a little play to make things exciting. You can never experience fun and excitement if you will not change your sex routines. As for men, try teasing your partner. Make sure you’re making the sensation at its peak in reaching the climax.

Exercise helps a lot

As we all know, exercise helps oneself to keep endurance on its track. Different kind of exercise makes great improvement to the body. It also improves good blood circulation to decline erectile dysfunction and cardio respiratory system.

Shut down the self-debilitating mindset

Anxiety is the number one killer of good performance most especially erections. This kind of mindset won’t help you outburst in bed. Your partner won’t be happy and snappy as you tag along doing sex with you when you don’t conquer your anxiety. Be positive and enjoy what you are doing. Let things flow.

Kama Sutra skills

Study the skills of Kama Sutra. There are techniques about delaying ejaculations that definitely comes down to training you to last longer. Slowly add more strokes over the course of 4 to 5 minutes until you are moving one stroke per second.

Don’t go deep


Deep thrusting makes you tired easily. This will also bring on all-too-quick orgasm; try penetrating only the lower part of the vagina so take more shallow thrust. The technique to last longer in bed is to alternate the shallow and deep thrusts.

These things help a lot in making the sex scene go deeper and better if talks about staying longer in bed. Both of you need to think more creatively for better sensation and routine. This is the secret to a better bed scene in a midst of giving sensual sensation in bed.