How to Pick up Sexy Girls in LA

It’s not easy at all to find the best LA hookups; you know that much. What is easy is wasting money, energy, and time trying to hook up in LA in the wrong places because it’s a city with a very vast population.

We wrote a quick guide with tips to help, which includes the best spots to pick up sexy girls in LA. We update our list regularly, so you can be sure this one is current.

You don’t need a degree in rocket science from UCLA to realize you’ll be more successful at dating if you follow our tips. Our top three spots are the Rainbow, the Eagle, and Sardo’s karaoke bar.

The Rainbow

This place’s claim to fame goes all the way back to the era of Marilyn Monroe. She often had dinner here with Joe DiMaggio. In the 70s, it became filled with debauchery, the air of which is felt in the sexy rooms and patio to this day. It was a hub of lust in the 80s metal era, frequented by the likes of Alice Cooper and Poison. You’ll meet many hot groupies at this popular post-show hangout. The place also has a nourishing menu.

Тhe Eagle

This dauntingly unsubtle leather bar is a great spot to dance, drink beer, and even watch erotic films. If you’re looking to pick up someone sexy, your search should start between this club’s sweaty walls.


At first, this bar and grill don’t seem all that impressive. If you give it time, you’ll learn all about their PSK on Tuesday. At Porn Star Karaoke, the place is practically falling apart at the hinges, so meeting someone is inevitable. It’s the place to be for seductive singalongs and delightful dishes and for enjoying an all-around erotic atmosphere. To accelerate your search, make a beeline for the cramped bar at the back. This joint has its fair share of dirty microphone jokes.

Final Tips

The next time you go out, try to talk to a certain number of people. Set a number and stick to it. It should be an attainable goal, whatever it is. Know you will have to leave your comfort zone.