Libido Booster Tips For Men

There are perceptions about sex drive that assumed men are more obsessed about sex than women. And women are more concerned about romance and emotional connection or they will only do it if they’re in the mood. But is this stereotype true? Study after study proves men have stronger sex drives.

In a study at the Ohio State University, young men confessed they think about sex 19 times a day and women reported to only have 10 thoughts of sex per day. Also, a survey conducted in China revealed that 68.7% of males are masturbating more often, while females have only 48.8%.

Testosterone plays a significant role in a man’s libido and sexual desire. When the level of testosterone becomes low, your interest with sex will decrease, which often leads to lack of self-confidence and dissatisfied relationship.

There are numerous ways you can do to improve your testosterone, libido and your sex life. By following these libido booster tips along with the right mindset, discipline and effort, you can enhance your life and your sex drive.

Know The Potential Causes


The first tip you need to consider is finding the reasons behind your low sexual desire. You won’t be able to solve the problem if you skip with the potential causes. While decreased in testosterone is normal due to aging, a drastic drop in T are usually because of underlying causes like prescription drugs, restless legs syndrome (RLS), stress or anxiety, chronic pain, lack of sleep and psychological problems. Once you determined the main cause, you can act on it easily.

Eat Libido Boosting Foods


Certain foods, particularly aphrodisiac foods, have long been used to boost sex drive. A few studies support the effectiveness of foods such as oyster, almonds and walnuts, avocado, asparagus, watermelon, dark chocolates and daily herbs. Knowing that not only these foods can promote a healthy sex life, they also provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body needs on a regular basis.

Take Time to Exercise, Meditate and Relax

Stress can beat you no matter how healthy you are. Allow some quality time for yourself to relax, do what you enjoy and participate in physical activities. Some recommended exercises include weight lifting that targets the testosterone, kegels for endurance, yoga to help your flexibility, aerobic to burn calories and swimming for a stronger immune system.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep


Being busy permits your body to avoid getting the right amount of sleep and this often leads to having difficulty of making time for sex. Rev up your sex drive by getting more shut-eye which can be achieved by knowing how much sleep you need, initiating sex with your partner, detoxify from your e-device habits and being aware when you should seek a healthcare provider.

Apart from the above mentioned libido-booster tips, it’s also important to keep your relationship in check. Women are more concerned about emotional closeness in a relationship than a man’s ability to prolong orgasm. In addition, it still might be a good idea to consult your doctor to get the best advice and strategies for your sexual health.