Things You Should Do And NEVER Do After Sex

You’ve done all the legwork in making your hot session worth remembering. Job well done for you. However, when it comes to after sex list of dos and don’ts, you’ve failed. Worry no more because this article will educate you what you should do and never do after sex. Keep on reading.


Continue pleasing your partner physically.


Let him/her know that you’re concerned with her sexual needs and you are very much willing to satisfy that. This will give her an idea that you are eager to stay the course, making him or her feel cared and loved.

Connect emotionally.


Cuddle each other more – it’s the best thing you can do to connect emotionally with your partner once you’re done between the sheets. Other than that, you can do more things to retain the good vibes between you and your loved one. Start with your eye contact. Look directly each other’s eyes. Make out like there’s no tomorrow. Tell him/her how you really feel toward the man/woman.

These are simple gestures, and yet, they all play a crucial part in making your other safe and secured.

Shower (this time with your partner)


Help in conserving water through taking a shower together. Kidding aside, it won’t just reduce your chances of getting STI, but it can give you a calming and more intimate after-sex experience.



Utilizing wet wipes in cleaning up.


Never do this one. While cleaning your vagina is an essential routine after sex; however, you should refrain doing this from now on. Be aware that your vagina is so sensitive. Most of the substances in the wet wipes contain ingredients which can cause irritation and itching.

Sleeping right away while lingerie is on.


It can’t deny that after a mind-blowing sex, you tend to fall asleep immediately.  That’s a big no-no. Bear in mind – it is advisable to sleep naked after sex.  Why?  It’s due to the fact that you’re too sweaty after your dirty activity.  Your slightly wet body will surely react along with the fabric which may result in infections.

If you’re not comfortable sleeping naked, try wearing pajama, but don’t wear any lingeries.

Not peeing.


It’s normal that you’ll feel lazy after getting busy in your bed but it’s still important for you to get pee. Yes, do not stop yourself from peeing.  Through urinating, it will aid you to get rid everything which isn’t necessary such as germs and bacteria. In other words, it will prevent from getting UTIs.

Taking a hot tub shower


Scratch this off from your after sex list of must-do. Your vagina will open a bit as its responses to sexual stimulations. However, you’ll be more prone to infections once you suddenly take a warm bath shower right after having intercourse.

These simple rundown of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do matters a lot, both emotionally and physically. These will help you get rid of the bad effects.