The Worldwide Fixation With Lesbian Porn

In the world of pornography, there are hundreds of different types of porn categories. The most popular or widely known are genres such as ebony, hentai, MILF, mom, step-sister, cartoon, Japanese and lesbians. Besides these, there are countless of other categories users can see in hardcore porn videos. Yet out of all of them, the most searched for and viewed is lesbian porn. The lesbian porn category is number one not only in the United States, but also various other countries in the world.

The question remains why in an industry with so many different genres, are lesbian porn videos, lesbian sex pics and animated porn so popular? The fixation and obsession the world has with girl-on-girl porn is a question many have tried to find the answer to. Interestingly enough, most people think that it is only men who are obsessed with lesbian porno or that view lesbian movies. However, according to statistics, women also enjoy all types of lesbian sex movies and material. Not only gay women, but straight females as well.

To be fair, the entire lesbian obsession is not just in the adult world. Girl-on-girl situations has been used in Hollywood mainstream movies for years. Even ancient paintings contain images of two women kissing. While no one knows if the artist was trying to convey lesbian kissing scenarios, they still painted them. Cable and Television are also full of lesbian sex and lesbian kissing situations. There is even is a hit series on cable which centers on lesbianism called the L Word.

In the United States, differences of opinions are as common as there are people in the world. However, there is one thing which unifies them all when it comes to the matter of hardcore pornography or adult material. Lesbian porn videos and lesbian adult material are genres which individuals all over the USA spend hours online viewing. States up and down the USA all have a general fixation for any lesbian porno content. At the same time, the same love for lesbians is shared all over the world. Citizens in countries such as Australia, France, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom also adore lesbian porno. According to statistics, it is the most searched for topic when people are looking into hardcore porn videos.



For adult film producers, lesbians movies and lesbian videos are not created for gay people in mind. In fact, they are done with the intent of reaching straight men. This is why you tend to see lesbians sex scenes with hot and beautiful girls kissing. In the movies, these women will lick one another’s pussies and tits. Slowly, they also concentrate on pleasing the other woman by sucking on their clits. Many of the lesbian porn tube sites have a category called lesbian scissoring. That phrase is one of the most searched for when it comes to porn GIF images and videos using girl-on-girl.

Another scenario which is popular in lesbian porno is where one girl fucks the other with a strap-on or dildo. This situation is one of the reasons men enjoy lesbian porn videos so much. Males who enjoy pornography love to see women getting fucked. The same for straight females and others who view the genre. What makes the difference is that men admit to how they enjoy seeing women get banged. Most males would rather see a pretty girl get fucked by another woman with a strap-on or dildo. That is if they had a choice between that and the girl getting pummeled by a real man. To drive this point home, one can see why the shemale porn category is also very popular among heterosexual males. Those who admit to watching shemale hardcore porn videos say the same thing. For them, they rather see a shemale having sex with another woman, than a real man.

Another reason as to why men love watching lesbian porn videos so much is scientific. Males are visual creatures by nature and are aroused via their visual cues. They tend to steer away from things which promote emotional complications. It is a big reason most men stay away from drama. Lesbian porno provides men with a double dosage of the visual stimuli they enjoy. Instead of seeing just one hot and sexy naked woman, they can see two of them together. At the same time, men know that most lesbians do not want a straight man in any way. But, since men love to gamble and a challenge, they see this as an opening.

This reasoning may also explain why so many enjoy watching lesbian threesome videos. It is important to note that males do not enjoy real actual lesbian porn though. Sites which cater to real butch or actual lesbians are rarely visited by men. Instead, they focus on the lesbian porn tube sites where the women are feminine, yet lesbians. No matter where you stand on this issue, there is one reality to take away. That is that lesbian girls in porn videos are extremely arousing. Not only for men, but also for women. Ironically, the obsession people have with lesbian porno, does not apply to male gay porn. That is not only true for males all over the USA, but also men worldwide.

This proves that no matter where people are in the world, they all love lesbians kissing, lesbian sex and lesbian girls in porn videos.